ColorCollective is your one-stop shop for all sound, vision and web productions.

Our passion is the online and mobile world of today. Creating a smooth transition between TV commercials and the online and mobile market is what ColorCollective is about. Whether it is sound, vision or design you need, we will convert the look and feel of your campaign into an online experience that will transfer your message. We develop your ideas into a professionally finished product with a proper identity, anticipating and amplifying your vision, listening closely to your needs and requirements. We offer you a skilled and passionate production team to meet your requirements, standards and expectations. Color Collective members are Carl Rottiers, Jan Rombouts, Jan Bellemans & Ankr Webstudio.
We at ColorCollective care greatly about your production.


Jan Rombouts

Being a webcast producer/reporter Jan co-developed and co-implemented the user interface and data storage back end for Belgian newspaper De Tijd, creating an efficient workflow to produce and publish online video’s. As such he published a 1.000 video’s a year for and Bringing filming, editing, publishing, producing and reporting together gave him an opportunity to understand the full meaning of a one-stop shop.
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Carl Rottiers

Director of Photography. Video editor. Producer. An award winning Director of Photography that will give you any ambiance you can imagine and more with his expertise and creativity to shape your ideas into mesmerising images.
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Jan Bellemans

Jan is an award-winning freelance video-editor and
audiopost specialist.
He has over 20+ years of experience in broadcast and corporate media production and works for all major broadcast and advertising companies, including VTM & VMMa, VT4, Prime, Sporting Telenet, Canal+ and Belgacom TV. As music producer and songwriter/sound designer he creates songs, soundscapes and compositions for commercials, documentaries, broadcast and bands.
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Ultra Flexible Design & Development Services.
Ankr is a website design studio in Antwerp with a reputation for building rich media websites that look beautiful and feel wonderful on every type af device. When needed, Ankr can count on a personal network of specialitsts, social media experts, art directors, copywriters, and those who extend the services and the expertise. Clients include Xinix Tv Productions, Alex & Ed Studio, Collectif d'Anvers, Sincollectief.
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